Manufacturing & Engineering

CPTEM has a knowledgeable team of engineers with more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of Pressure Transmitter for various applications including plastic-rubber machine, fiber machine, petrochemical industry, sewage disposal, power plant, aerospace equipment, compressor, air-conditioner, automobile, packing machine, medical apparatus, food processor, etc.
Besides manufacturing of our standard products, we also have the experience in designing and customizing products based on your needs. Please feel free to contact us anytime for assistance on your application needs and requirements.

cp111-311Industrial Grade Pressure Transmitters

Model: CP111, CP211, CP311
Model CP111/CP211/CP311 are strain gage based pressure transmitters and they are design for hydraulic and pneumatic control system that are mostly associated with
Robust performance and
Accurate and repeatable pressure measurement
In the toughest environments such as highly corrosive media, damaging cyclic pressure, withstanding shock and vibration
The Model CP111/CP211/CP311 are ideal choice for Oil & Gas, Steel production, Rolling mills, Die casting, Compressors & Pumps, Test Stand and Hydraulic usage.
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cp411Submersible Liquid Level Transmitters
Model: CP411
Model-CP411 is an all-welded, submersible unit designed to give accurate readings down to 30 meters of water.

With a stainless steel housing and molded cable (Polyethane or Polyurethane), it is completely sealed in to provide a high integrity IP68 submersible seal.

The atmospheric reference tube in the unique molded cable ensures the watertight and it is designed for a variety of corrosive applications, while the silicon piezoresistive sensors provides high accuracy and stability.

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Flush Diaphragm Industrial Grade Pressure Transmitters
Model: CP511
Model – CP511 is a flush face mounted industrial pressure transmitter. It is designed for application where a flush face is required in a process. The Series rugged, all-welded design allows for greater compatibility with corrosive or higher viscosity media, particularly where such media can otherwise clog or damage traditional non-flush port sensor designs. No zero offset is caused during sensor installation.

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